Proofing Services–Be Brave

Generally, proofing is much cheaper than a full-on edit but depending on the state of your book, we may suggest you hire an editor.

Be BRAVE. Hold out your baby and let us take a look at it, just between us. Then, if we have issues with it, don’t take it personally. It’s like a shot–it might hurt a little bit but in the end will be GOOD for you.

We’ll proof the beejeevies out of your book and point out where we suggest changes. We prefer to go over all of them on the phone, one on one, mano a mano. We offer one hour of time included with the proofing fee. If you want to establish a longer term relationship, we charge an hourly fee of $25/hour after that.

No matter what you do, ask SOMEONE to read your book before you fly it. WE INSIST.