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There is no point in sending us anything without this signed form and the payment. In line with the newest policy of Amazon and other vendors, in order to post a review on these sites, we must purchase the book from one of these vendors/direct from you. THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE FOR THE REVIEW/PROOFREAD UP TO $25.00. If your book is more than this, please contact us. You can specify which vendor (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc.). If your hard copy book is not available through these vendors, we can purchase directly from you however; be aware we may not be able to post on major vendor sites. We WILL post on our own and any that allow posting without direct purchase from them (Goodreads, at least so far).

Mail your book/payment to the address above.

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Option 1–Please purchase the hard copy or e-book from ___________________ (provide preferred vendor name here; make sure we can purchase the book. Most list Amazon and B & N, iBooks, established vendors, etc.). If IS cannot download/purchase the book after three tries, IS may cancel the request for the review and retain $25 for administrative purposes.

Option 2–My book is not on any major vendor sites. I realize this means you may not be able to post to many sites. Please purchase the hard copy book from me directly. I am providing all the information to purchase my book outside of a conventional vendor RIGHT HERE:



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I will be sent a PDF copy of my review either as a hard copy/email, or both that I can post anywhere. In case of fraud, a reader/bookseller can contact IS to confirm the review of my book was legitimate.

I understand if the review totals less than 26 total points (< “good” total rating) for a book with a cover, 21 points for a book without a cover, IS will contact me to confirm I still want the review posted. Reviews that rate less than a total of 24 and 19 points, respectively, automatically go into proofing and will not be posted. A proofreading will be provided instead.

Once the review/proof process is started, IS may contact me, for example to inform me my review was not favorable. I understand I have ten days to respond to contact (emails/phone calls) from IS. If I do not respond to IS in ten days, IS may postpone or cancel the review/proofing and all services, and I will not get a refund.

I understand there is no turning back once I start the review process. I understand that I will not get a refund from IS for the following reasons:
1.   The review was unfavorable and/or was converted into a proof-read.
2.   I fell out of contact with IS and did not respond to their emails/calls after ten days.
3.   I changed my mind after submitting payment/my book.
4.  *I edited/updated my book after submitting another version for review.

*Be deliberate with this process. We will review the version of the book you sent us. We do put the date we received it in the review in case you update/edit it again so readers know what version was reviewed. If you want us to review another version after we have started your review/proof-reading, you will have to submit it through an entirely new process including submitting a new form and payment. We treat it like a new submission.

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