The IS System: Get a Professional Review/Proof-read. Read How It Works.

Genres We Are Currently Accepting

At this time, we are not doing reviews for fantasy, horror, graphic novels, pornography, or erotica.

Genres we are currently accepting are: young adult, children’s, humor, new literary fiction, eco/environmental fiction, general/contemporary fiction, science fiction, legit ground-breaking/unique fiction no one else seems to care about. We review poetry. We also review non-fiction, particularly in natural history (the biological, environmental/ecological sciences). Please email us about other types of non-fiction.

Please see the FAQs also.

Find us one person who leaps up and down with joy when they get a poor review for ANY-thing be it a book, a work of art, a production. Nobody likes this.

IS has a fail-proof system that insures poor reviews won’t be posted (though we leave it up to you). Based on our scoring system (see “How it Works” link above) if your book scores below a certain threshold, we let you know; and if it scores too low, it won’t be posted and automatically defaults into a proof-reading. It may sting just a little bit if your book is deemed not quite road-worthy but we feel it is our duty to let you know AND it’s what you are paying us to do, remember? So put those big author pants on and BE BRAVE!

We want Indie Authors to be successful. For whatever reasons (we think will pass), right now there seems to a campaign to ‘diss all Indie books. Bad reviews hurt all of us and add fodder to this assumption.

Reviews are not free but we also operate differently than other review sites. You are not paying us for the review. You are paying us for OUR TIME TO DO THE REVIEW. There is a big difference not the least of which is we only review books by Indie Authors and Publishers. We don’t designate it will be a “500-word review” or “a 300 word review” which smacks of tokenism and lack of sincerity. These are not reviews per se but ads. If you want an ad, then you need pursue this. We offer professional, thorough, high quality reviews. They may be longer than 300-500 words because this process is about your book. You can see a sample review on our “See A Sample Review” page at the link above.

If we can post your review on your preferred websites, we will but sometimes there are restrictions with third party review services. You will of course, receive a PDF copy of your IS review either through email and/or through the mail. You can post this anywhere you want including on your own book website. For proof-reading services, we also offer up to a one hour phone consultation.

Regarding possible fraudulent/plagiarized reviews, anyone can contact us to confirm the review was done by IS.


We post a list every month of completed reviews with a link to your website, if you have one. If you have completed your book, you really need to get/make a website or Facebook page, etc. Along with this, we post your image of the cover if we can considering it is the proper file type (JPG/PDF), sized properly (1000 X 1000 pixels), and uploads fine.

We may also feature a couple books/month: one we just plucked randomly from our steamed-up hat and/or a book we are all steamed-up about.

MANDATORY: You need to fill out the form entitled “REQUEST FOR A REVIEW” (see link above). Please fill it out thoroughly. This form HAS to be included with every request for service. You can email it to us as a PDF or mail it in with your payment.

For Pricing/Methods of Payment, see the “HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?”page at the link above.