We try to cover every base here…

Q: What genres are you currently accepting?
A: At this time, we are not doing reviews for fantasy, horror, graphic novels, pornography, or erotica. Genres we are currently accepting are: young adult, children’s, humor, new literary fiction, eco/environmental fiction, general/contemporary fiction, science fiction, legit ground-breaking/unique fiction no one else seems to care about. We review poetry. We also review non-fiction, particularly in natural history (the biological, environmental/ecological sciences). Please email us about other types of non-fiction.

Q: Is the cost to purchase my book included in your review/proofread price?
A: Yes, up to 150,000 words/$25.00. If your book is more than this in words or costs, please contact us.

Q: What’s your email/contact info?
A: reviews at indie-pendentsteam.com (put “at” symbol in our address; we are trying to avoid even more SPAM). 530-272-7132/ M-Fri 9-5 Pacific Time

Q: I paid but the receipt says “Ecological Outreach Services”. Why?
A. IS is run under the publishing entity of Ecological Outreach Services (EOS).

Q: What do I get for my money?
A: Purchase of your book is included in the price for a review/proofread (boosts your rank). You may specify from which vendor but keep in mind, if after three tries, we cannot obtain/download a copy of your book, we refund your money and retain $25 for administrative purposes.

You get a genre-specific (see below) review/proof-read within 30 days. We tell you our result before we move forward but generally if the review is rated “good” or higher (see page on scoring/sample review), it is posted where you specify (if possible). For both products, you receive a PDF copy either through email/snail mail or both. You can post this anywhere you want. Proof-reads/reviews (if needed) include up to a one-hour phone consultation/interpretation of our results.

Q: Proof-reads?
A: Get ready because this is exactly what we will do. You’re paying us for our services, remember? After we’re done, we strongly prefer to go over our recommendations over the phone, not over email. If you want more time so we can continue the process, we charge $25/hour after your initial proof-read.

Q: Once my request package is complete, do you confirm this, and that I am in the queue for a review/proofread?
A: Yes, we send you a confirmation email. This is why you need to provide a current email address/phone #, etc. This is on the form you have to submit to us with your request.

Q: What is the price difference between a review and a proof-read?
A: None. Based on your score, the review is posted and the proof-read is not.

Q: Do I get a reviewer/proof-reader that knows the genre of my book?
A: We cannot promise this, say if you declare the genre of your book as “bungee-jumping clown fiction”; right now we don’t have any reviewers for this genre. This is why we ask you for the conventional genre. If we cannot find someone qualified and specialized enough for your genre, we will bump it up to the next highest level (contemporary fiction) and match your book with a reviewer that knows this genre. Let’s just say we will do our best.

Q: How do I submit my book? How do I pay for it?
A: We purchase it. See above. All submissions must include the REQUEST FOR REVIEW/PROOF form. We still accept Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders and now, secure payments through Paypal.

Q: Does Indie-pendent Steam have established business hours?
A: Yes. We work outside these hours (especially right now) but will contact you, be available Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00 Pacific Time. We are located in California.

Q: I don’t like PayPal. Do you still take Cashier Checks and Money Orders?
A: Yes. We added PayPal after getting feedback from potential customers, so alas, we have succumbed. We have been assured PayPal is secure and to us, this is the most important thing.

Q: How Do I Pay through PayPal?
A: See the tab/link: “Secure Paypal”.

Q: What if I didn’t send you/pay the right amount of money? Too much or too little?
A: We will try to contact you for ten days, at least twice to deal with this. If we don’t hear back, we cancel the request and keep $25 for administrative costs. Please calculate payment correctly.

Q: Can you guarantee a great review if I am paying you to do one? If the review is bad, do I get my money back?
A: Absolutely not on both counts. We do unbiased reviews and proofs (see the difference between an ad and a review as explained on the “How It Works” page). Proofs are not public and are between us. If your total review score is less than 26 (w/cover) or 21 (w/o cover) which is less than a “good” rating, we will contact you via the contact information you provided (make sure we can reach you). We’ll give you the option to cancel the posting of the review. If you do not want the review posted we convert it into a proof. Reviews that score less than 24 & 19 respectively, are automatically converted into a proof.

You DO NOT GET A REFUND for our time we spent on it. This is still paid time. This is why, if you want a REVIEW, it is ESSENTIAL that you try to settle yourself down (it is exciting to finish it–absolutely) and edit it thoroughly and carefully. Don’t waste your money! Be mindful. Show your book (and yourself) the respect it deserves by making it the best it can be. Yes, it can be exhausting but try to stick with it at least to the point where you do not find an error every time you pick it up. (Enervating, we realize!).

Q: If my proofread is clean, can you just convert it into a review?
A: If a proofread comes out so polished we consider the book road-worthy, we will contact you to see if you want to convert it into a review. There is no extra charge to do this. It can go in either direction: a proof or a review. Depends on your book!

Q: Hey, you rejected my request. How come?
A: You have requested a service from us we diligently want to provide however; if you did not include the form (MANDATORY) and/or payment, we will try to contact you. If we do not hear back from you after ten days and multiple tries (at least two), we automatically cancel your request for service and keep $25 of it for our trouble and time.

Q: What if I don’t like the score for my book? Can I talk it up?
A: We offer honest, unbiased, quality services that build respect for Indie books all the while improving your product. The score will be what it is based on what you submit. Select us only if honesty and sincere assistance is your goal.

Q: Do you post completed reviews on the IS website?
A: We are planning on doing this in the future. If you have a book website, it is very important you provide us with the link address (http:\\www.mybookwebsite.com) because we will couple this with your cover image (if you sent us one and it was properly resized, the proper file type, etc.). You put this information on the “Request for a Review/Proof” form and this form is mandatory. You also want to post your IS review on your book website.

Q: The site says “CLOSED. CHECK BACK IN A FEW WEEKS.” Why does it say this?
A: Because we have more books than we do quality reviewers (we’re working on this) and we want to give 100% to the books we have. If this is posted, please check back regularly and our apologies.