The chief instigator of this idea is Indie Arthur and Author, Virginia Arthur (B.S., M.S.) (you get that?), author of two self-published novels. Click here to visit Virginia’s book website.

Virginia’s first novel started accidentally. She never really considered the time she spent writing it “legitimate” then her characters developed legs, arms, heads, attitude…Suddenly she was dictating their story. After nearly 15 years and multiple re-writes, she finished it. With her new rehabilitated attitude that indeed she had written something worthy, she dared to present it to the world. So began her due diligence to find a publisher, an agent.

She read books about how to market your own book; scoured the Writer’s Market. She went to workshops, conferences ($$$$). She spent hundreds of dollars compiling traditional submission packages, plying through the sometimes quirky if not exhausting requirements: “send synopsis, three chapters, and brief biography. We will NOT take any submissions with over a ten page synopsis. Chapters must not have page numbers in the left-hand corner. At present we are taking only hard copy submissions though you can email query letters. Please email the query letter FIRST. If you send submission package, you MUST include a stamped self-addressed envelope, blah, blah, blah.”

She was spending far too much time and money trying to submit the perfect submission package (with no guarantee at all she would even hear back) all the while her book wasn’t out there. She also wanted to move on to writing her next novel and working on other writing projects.

Virginia was also baffled from the responses she received from literary agents, established publishers, some of which disparaged her book without knowing anything about it let alone reading it:
“Indie Books aren’t going anywhere.”
“With a fiction novel like yours, you should publish under a male author name. You’ll do better.” (This has turned out to be true, unfortunately).
“There’s science in your fiction? You need to get the science out of it.”

Let’s just call it a certain kind of arrogance. After all, she was only an Indie Author.

She met other Indie’s going through the same thing and decided it was time for something different. Indie’s need real reviews. Indie’s need support and no one knows an Indie like another Indie. Indies deserve respect as authors and independent creative engines–like steam engines–they are self-powered and with enough steam, including support, can power through just about anything.

Indie-pendent Steam is about you. We hope to provide you with a cost-effective and sincere option to further your writing career.

Regarding contacting us, we do not use a contact form due to SPAM. Please contact us using the following email address:

reviews at indie-pendentsteam dot com

Thank you and of course, write on.